Homeless Empowerment Trust

Lying on the roadside, sick or injured, we are always there to assist them. We, Homeless Empowerment Trust, are always there to assist people, who need us. Those who need hermitage, need care with their health and need a shelter and a better life, we remain at our feet, always ready to assist them in all possible ways.

If you are aware of anyone who needs such help and we need to put our attention on them, just reach us on our helpline number and we will be there at the spot to provide our assistance. We are having tie-ups with the orphanage, with the old homes, and with the caring units too along with ashrams. Hence, shifting the fellows who need assistance is not an issue for us. In fact, we remain always humble to provide assistance in the best possible ways. So, get in touch with us whenever you feel that someone needs attention from us.

About us

We are a team of experts with expert-level social contacts and humble enough to work out for the needy people. Be it a natural calamity or a normal city life, we roam about the city at the night for finding people who are in distress. We shift them to the right place, wherever they will get the right treatment and henceforth we remain sincere at the charity service for the society.

We are having plenty of contacts with the ashrams, with the free treatment zones, with the other charity firms and orphanages, whom we transfer these fellows, for a better living and better take care.

Who We Are

We are a team of 10 members, all of whom are absolutely humble and passionate to deal with the people, kids and aged people at the time of their distress. Generally, we work at the roadside level and our agenda is to give the people out there a better life than they are leading now. With the supply of food and shelter, with eminence and availability of better health and medication, we put them at the hermitage houses, at the ashrams, and the parentless kids at the orphanages of our contact.

If you need us at any point in time at your locality, reach us through the helpline numbers. We will be there, then and there. If you want to help us participate more, you can then also reach us and provide your suggestions or any other help or charity you want to share with us.

What We DO

Regarding the work that we do, here are the top things that we often include as a part of our job –

  • Provide shelter home to the people in distress
  • To provide medical aid to the roadside people and people in distress
  • Providing basic amenities to the people of roadside, homeless, and shelterless
  • Manage government schemes and schemes of non-government too for human welfare
  • Establish hostels for the rehabilitation of people in distress

You can also be a part of our team and engage yourself in some welfare activities if you feel you are humble enough to be a part of us. If you feel so, contact us no sooner.

Corona Pandemic support to Needy and Poor People with Food and Shelter

We are Helping and Protecting against Corona Virus by distributing Food, Drinking Water to people in need who do not have homes in India and are on streets without food and water because of coronavirus pandemic.

Recent Work

Cloth Distribution to homeless people