A Tale of Kindness: Iranian Family Rescued by Indian NGO Founder

Mr. Vicky Sharma Saves Iranian Family in Delhi, Helps Them Return Home

Bringing Hope and Empowerment to the Homeless, One Family at a Time

once An Iranian family ( husband,wife & two cihdren) was wandering here and there on roads of Delhi.They came to visit india.Their luggage was theft including money and all documents like passport, visa etc. family was in a big trouble . entire family did not have a bit of meal for last 2 days. fortunately Mr. vicky sharma ( founder of Het) met them during rescue operation. he shifted to family at night shelter asaf ali road. he arranged all the documents so that iranian family can go back to their own country. after a long time efforts a day has come to go back Iran. iranian family with vicky sharma had gone back to Iran. having meet their parents and neighbours iranian family was overwhelmed. entire relatives and neighbours welcomed warmly with vicky sharma in Iran. we can’t imagine the expression of delightness of entire family and relatives.

When an Iranian family found themselves stranded and penniless in Delhi, Mr. Vicky Sharma, founder of the Homeless Empowerment Trust NGO, came to their rescue. He provided them with shelter, arranged for their travel documents, and helped them return to Iran. The family was overjoyed to be reunited with their loved ones, and Mr. Sharma’s act of kindness was celebrated by the entire community. At the Homeless Empowerment Trust, we strive to bring hope and empowerment to those in need, one family at a time.