The main trust area of activities and objectives of the trust shall be to serve the society at large by making available a platform to citizens at grass root level where they can share promote their ideas to public at large & govt. Trust will contribute to nation by promoting traditional cultural indigenous education ethnic way of life & promoting problems solving ideas in education, economic & cultural sector. Trust will be a platform for social awareness for all citizens as well as govt to progress in rational thinking and presenting logical ideas for achieving human development and achieving mutual harmony among all Indian citizens without any profit making motive or to have any other form of gain by doing so. Without affecting the generality of the above mentioned objective, the specific objectives to be achieved and activities to be undertaken are:

  1. To establish, maintain and provide shelter home, ashram and orphanage for homeless or needy people.
  2. To help the street children face the unspeakable situation by providing shelter homes, education them and make them learn livelihood earning skills.
  3. Provide basic amenities such as food, clothing, medical facilities and other necessary items of personal use for the deprived classes for overall growth of our nation.
  4. To lift the public from the curses of poverty, hunger, illiteracy and disease by starting and carrying out concentrated and intensive programs.
  5. To establish the education institutions for professional and medical science including the Indian system of medicines including the establishment of research institutions both for men and women with hospitals.
  6. To arrange and provide medical aid and other assistance necessary for living to the needy people who are incapable or handicapped or mentally/physically retarded and financially unfit.
  7. To manage and implement all governmental and non-governmental schemes meant for human welfare.
  8. To organize and take-up Health, Educational and Welfare Programmes for needy & poor women & Children.
  9. To promote, encourage and facilitate research programmes and trainings in the field of public health, education and empowerment.
  10. To help poor, widows, handicapped, orphans, old aged, mentally retarded and under privileged section of the trust/community.
  11. To establish, build or manage hostels, short stay homes, rehabilitation centers, shelters, crèches, child care centre or children homes, counseling centers and help line centers for women, children, old aged persons, drug addicts and needy persons.
  12. To organize medical health care centers and organize medicine distribution camps among the poor’s and needy peoples of urban and rural areas all India level.
  13. To create awareness and implement health and family welfare and to organize awareness movement for population control.
  14. To promote and protect natural herbs and plants by cultivation, preservation, storage, processing, demonstration, creating botanical garden and providing necessary training.
  15. To work for the empowerment and sensitization of women, adolescents and children.
  16. To provide medical facilities for deserving children’s of the rural locality. To start rural health clinic, hospitals, mobile health units etc.
  17. To spread the messages of preserving and conserving the Indian culture and save the same from influence of the western cultures throughout India.
  18. Entitlement services (opening bank account, Aadhar card, pan card etc) to all needy person and homeless.
  19. Distribution of ration and food to all homeless and poor person.
  20. To organize awareness camps, health camps, march, workshops, campaign and exhibition.
  21. To provide healthy environment by providing tree plantation on the side roads, parks, streets, fields, river waste land and rocky tracks all over India level.
  22. To arrange and organize religious, social and cultural programmes for all human being from time to time.
  23. To create a sense of brotherhood, love, humanity, affection, cooperation and friendship amongst the members of the trust and the beneficiaries.
  24. To promote and establish drug prevention as an aspect of general education, enrichment of people’s lives and empowerment.
  25. To enable the participants to use these skills in creating awareness against drug abuse.
  26. To make adequate arrangements to starts drug addiction centers for social evils, drug habitual, psychological, physical and mental people.
  27. To promote traditional therapies like yoga, naturopathy, meditation, acupressure, massage therapy, Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Reiki etc.
  28. To establish, conduct and manage various facilities for vocational guidance centers and information centers.
  29. To help the people to raise their voice in getting their problem resolved which they face.
  30. To arrange, conduct, manage drinking water to various places for public services, needy people.
  31. To support and promote the growing of trees and drilling of bore wells, restoration of water tanks, taking up drinking water projects, water development programs and providing of space and rooms for conducting religious functions or any other allied activities as the trustees deem fit from time to time.
  32. To accept donations grants, presents and offerings, in cash or in kind from persons, association of persons, firms, companies, institutions, universities in India & abroad and to deal with the same for the purpose of achieving the objects of the trust mentioned above upon such terms and conditions as trustees may think fit and consistent with the objects of the trust.